Symposium August 28-30, 2017 - Presentations

Thursday 31 Aug 17

Reliable Condition Assessment of Switches and Crossings (S&Cs)


The symposium took place on 28-30 August 2017 at Banedanmark's headquarters in Copenhagen.

Below please find the presentations given during the Symposium in the order they were given:


  1. “Monitoring during revenue operations for condition based maintenance: the case of ABA measurements in the Netherlands” - Rolf Dollevoet, TU Delft, RailaHead, The Netherlands
  2. “Acquiring a custom-made sensor-system for turnouts – experiences, recommendations and perspectives” - Tom Elnar Thøgersen, Banedanmark, Denmark
  3. “Banedanmarks’s new generation of high speed turnouts for the Copenhagen-Ringsted line” - Martin Hyldtoft-Sørensen, Banedanmark, Denmark
  4. “Trafikverket: Work on condition monitoring of turnouts” - Arne Nissen, Trafikverket, Sweden
  5. “New more elastic turnouts in Finland“ - Riku Varis, Tampere University of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Finland
  6. “Switch and crossing optimal design and evaluations (S-CODE)” - Clive Roberts, University of Birmingham, Centre for Railway Research and Education, United Kingdom
  7. “Low-complexity behavioral model for predictive maintenance of railway turnouts” - Pegah Barkhordari, DTU Electrical Engineering, Denmark
  8. “Crack initiation caused by repeated local heating events – Modelling of possible mechanisms” - Johan Ahlström, TU Chalmers, Dept. Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Sweden
  9. “In situ study of strain partitioning and damage in carbide free bainitic steels using micro digital image correlation” - Ankit Kumar, TU Delft, Material Science and Engineering, The Netherlands
  10. “Deformation and Damage of a Railway Crossing studied by X-ray Tomography and other methods” - Somrita Dhar, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark
  11. “Degradation of the rails in Switches & Crossings” - Carsten J. Rasmussen, Banedanmark, Denmark
  12. “Analysis of failures statistics within railway switches and crossings using FMEA methodology” - Elias Kassa, NTNU, Dept. Civil and Transport Engineering, Norway
  13. “Experimental analysis and modelling of railway vehicle passing over turnout frog” - Aleš Hába, University of Pardubice, Department of Mechanics, Materials and Machine Parts, Faculty of Transport Engineering, Czech Republic
  14. “An improved multibody simulation model for switches and crossings. Numerical and experimental results” - Alejandro de Miguel Tejada, DTU Mechanical Engineering, Denmark
  15. “Probabilistic assessment of railway turnouts using a multibody simulation Software” - Frederik Gadegaard Jacobsen, DTU Mechanical Engineering, Denmark
  16. “Risk based switch maintenance: lower costs, higher performance” - Jan Swier, ProRail AM, The Netherlands
  17. “Prognosis of switches – analogies and differences to open track” - Peter Veit, TU Graz, Dept. Railway Engineering and Transport Economy, Austria
  18. “Analysis of the dynamic effects in the turnout” - Ivan Vukusic, Brno University of Technology, Institute of Railway Structures and Constructions, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Republic
  19. “On the comparison of manual measurements of switches and crossings and data from a measuring car” - Emil Hovad, DTU Compute, Denmark
  20. “Design & specification of the track superstructure based on a modelling approach” - René Fongemie, Banedanmark, Denmark