Instrumentation and data logging

State-of-art sensors, such as fibre optic accelerometers and strain gauges, will be installed and used to monitor relevant motions of certain components in selected S&Cs, providing precise dynamic data which are not available at present from measurement vehicles. The project will focus on applying the S&C-based sensors in a selected number S&Cs of type 1:14 with radius 500, which represents the future-oriented S&C design approach in Denmark and provides an ideal basis for developing and proving the MPI model. Specification of the sensors needed and collection/interpretation of data will be carried out by DTU, while Rail Net Denmark will supervise, plan and carry out the physical installation in the infrastructure. The dynamic responses from the sensors during operations will be logged, processed and verified, including conducting sanity check and time synchronization with measurement vehicle data. If necessary, changes in sensor equipment/placement will be carried out, based on feedback from the other work packages. The following results are expected:

  • Installation of sensors in selected S&Cs identified by Rail Net Denmark.
  • Data collection and validation to provide input for the other work packages.   



Roberto Galeazzi
Associate Professor
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 35 49